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Your Gun Trust is one of the most important parts of the Tax Stamp process.   But, the fact remains that there are many confusing steps between getting your Gun Trust and getting your Silencer or SBR.   There are many ATF requirements throughout the Tax Stamp process, which can become a bit overwhelming.   And, if you get something wrong, the ATF may deny or delay your application.   So, we decided to do something about it… We created the Gun Trust Package.

How the Gun Trust Package Works

We start by walking you through the Gun Trust creation process, making sure you get a trust that is tailored to your specific needs.   Along with your Gun Trust, you receive a comprehensive set of directions about what to do next.   After you get your Gun Trust signed, you can purchase a Silencer or SBR and begin working on your ATF Application.   The ATF Forms are insanely confusing and contain contradictory directions in 7pt font that will make you want to pull your hair out.   But, with the Gun Trust package you get access to our ATF Form Generators, which create the exact same ATF Forms, only in a format that is way easier to understand.   After you create your Forms, you’ve still got a lot to do.   But never fear, we simplify the remaining tasks by providing clear and concise directions about what to do next and exactly how to do it.   We even provide the mailing labels for your ATF Applications and your CLEO notifications.

Some of the benefits of the Gun Trust Package include:

NFA Gun Trust

☑ 100% Completely ATF & 41F Compliant
☑ Guaranteed to be accepted by the ATF – Never Denied & Never Delayed
☑ Drafted to comply with the laws of your individual state
☑ Tailored to meet the needs of NFA Firearms owners
☑ Designed to be used for every ATF Application you will ever submit
☑ Unlimited number of Co-Trustees and Beneficiaries
☑ Eliminates the Probate Court process for all property in your Gun Trust!

Detailed Directions

☑ You will never feel overwhelmed by the Tax Stamp process again
☑ Explains exactly what you should do next
☑ Gives you a comprehensive understanding of the entire Tax Stamp process (from purchasing a Silencer to submitting your paperwork to the ATF)
☑ Straight forward Step-by-Step instructions on the ATF Tax Stamp process

Automated ATF Form Generators

☑ Form 1 & 4 Applications made easy
☑ Each form contains the all Responsible Person Info
☑ Bar Code Formatted – Speeds up the Application process & Eliminates delays
☑ Super Simplified instructions guide you through the confusing ATF Forms
☑ Each Automated Form includes a Form 23 for the Trustee
☑ Additional Automated Form 23 Generator for all of your Co-Trustees
☑ All you have to do is Print, Sign, Date, & Mail

Responsible Persons Resources

☑ Thorough explanation about Who is a considered a Responsible Person
☑ Detailed instructions about the Responsible Person Requirements
☑ Automated Form 23 Generator with easy to follow instructions

Unlimited Gun Trust Lawyer Support

☑ When you have Questions, the Trust Shop Lawyers are here for you
☑ One-on-one help anytime you need it
☑ 5 days, 5 months, or 5 years… It doesn’t matter how far down the road… You get free & unlimited support for Life!

Free Revisions for Life

☑ You can Revise your Gun Trust as Many times as you want
☑ Add or Remove Co-Trustees any time you like
☑ Update your Beneficiaries at any time
☑ Unlimited Assignment Sheets- Add as many Title I & Title II Firearms as you want

Updates on Firearms Laws

☑ Notifications on ATF Rule changes
☑ Alerts on anti 2nd Amendment Legislation
☑ Articles explaining firearms related court cases
☑ Access to the NFA, GCA, & FOPA

Additional Valuable NFA Resources

FAQ’s Page for valuable information based on our customer’s most commonly asked questions
☑ Detailed articles on relevant NFA topics
☑ Links to important ATF pages & 3rd Party resources

All of this for one low price!

☑ No hidden costs of any kind!     ☑ No membership fees     ☑ $49 is all you will ever pay!

The most comprehensive Gun Trust package available!

You simply won’t find a better product anywhere! 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. We love what we do… and it shows! But don’t take our word for it… Check out some of the Reviews from other Customers.

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