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Are you guys for real?
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We get this question all the time. And, that makes sense when you consider the fact that our competitors are selling their Gun Trusts at prices anywhere between $100 – $1000. So, how is it that we can offer the best NFA Gun Trust available for only $49?

The short answer is that We are really good at what we do!

But, if that’s not a good enough explanation for you, here is the long answer:

Creating Gun Trusts Since 2008

Wounded WarriorThe Trust Shop was created in 2008, when a group of gun-loving lawyers decided to figure out a way to get Gun Trusts into the hands of as many people as possible. Each of them already provided Gun Trusts to their clients, but the average cost of a full-service Gun Trust was around $400, and that was just too expensive for most people to afford. So, they decided to figure out a way to make Gun Trusts more economical.

To do this they started focusing on two things:
1. Reducing the amount of time it took to create a Gun Trust, and
2. providing answers to customer questions in a more efficient manner.

To reduce the amount of time it took to create a Gun Trust, a group of Information Technologies specialists was hired. The plan was to develop a fluid and user-friendly Document Generation System, that would gather customer information and use conditional logic to generate documents with content that was specific to each customer’s personal preferences, as well as the laws that are unique to the state where each customer lives.

The 1st Document Generation System was a big success. The amount of time required to create each Gun Trust was dramatically reduced and the price of trusts fell accordingly. Additionally, human error was completely eliminated from the document creation process. Over the years, the Document Generation System has been updated many times, and completely overhauled twice. Each and every time the result has been the same: less time required to create documents = lower costs.

The Trust Shop Q&A Data Bank

The issue of how to more efficiently provide answers to customer’s questions was an entirely different beast. There are thousands of possible questions concerning the NFA and the ATF and it takes a lot of time to answer each question. But, even though the number of possible questions seems limitless, eventually every question gets asked more than once. And, that’s exactly why the Trust Shop Question & Answer Data Bank was created. The Question & Answer Data Bank is a massive database full of answers to every question that has ever crossed the Trust Shop lawyer’s desks.

And, again, as the efficiency of answering questions increased, the cost of a Gun Trust decreased.

But, even though the Trust Shop Question & Answer Data Bank dramatically reduced the number of questions received from our customers (and increased the efficiency of answering the questions customers couldn’t find in the databank), the number of questions related to the Form 1 & 4 Applications remained consistent.

The answers to Form 1 & 4 questions are readily available on the Trust Shop website (and in the “How To Fill out a Form __” articles), but many customers told us they wished there was a way we could make filling out the ATF Forms easier. Even though the information was available, repeatedly leaving their ATF Application to find answers was extremely frustrating. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to have the right information, in the right place, at the right time?

ATF Form System

And that’s when construction was started on the 1st Trust Shop Automated ATF Form Generator.

In the fall of 2017, after investing thousands of hours (and dollars), the 1st version of the Trust Shop Automated ATF Form System was released. Though the Form System produces ATF Applications in the exact same format and appearance as those created using the ATF’s Templates, the process of filling out the Forms is completely different.

Instead of muddling through the nonsensical ATF madness, customers are provided with thorough and easy to follow directions. Rather than meaningless open-ended questions, customers find clear and concise prompts, which makes them feel confident that they are providing the correct information for each question.

The ATF Form System gives you examples of where to find the information you need from other documents

What used to be a frustrating and time-consuming nightmare, turned into a quick and painless process. The end result is that the exact same ATF Application is produced, but the process of creating the Application is much, much easier. By January 31, 2018, our customers had created more than 1000 Form 1, 4, 20, & 23 Applications using the Trust Shop Automated Form System.

And, just like every other time, the improvements paid off. By investing time and money on systems that eliminate the confusion surrounding the NFA, we have been able to add value to our products, and decrease costs at the same time.

So how do we do it for $49?

Well… It all boils down to this:

1. We’ve been creating Gun Trusts for over 10 years
2. We literally have the process down to a science
3. Satisfied customers and Gun Stores continue to spread the word
4. Each year the number of trusts we create increases
5. Each year our expenses decrease
6. We produce the finest Gun Trust available
7. We’ve expanded our product line to include laminated Gun Trusts, binders, and portfolios
8. We provide incredible customer service, and
9. Most important of all, our Mission is to Advance & Protect 2nd Amendment Rights!

The most comprehensive Gun Trust package available!

You simply won’t find a better product anywhere! 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. We love what we do… and it shows! But don’t take our word for it… Check out some of the Reviews from other Customers.

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