Gun Trust – Lawyer Review

Gun Trust – Lawyer Review

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When you get your Gun Trust from the Trust Shop, you can rest assured that your state-specific NFA Gun Trust was researched, reviewed, and drafted by The Trust Shop Gun Trust Lawyers

What do we mean
when we say “Reviewed?”

NFA RiflesThe process of creating our state-specific Gun Trusts began with a whole bunch of research. The Gun Trust lawyers spent a lot of time reviewing the laws that affect Gun Trusts, including state laws, federal laws, and ATF Rulings on the NFA items. Additionally, the Gun Trust lawyers constantly monitor the ATF website, as well as pending legislation (state and federal), looking for anything that might have an impact on your trust. Unlike most online Gun Trusts (4 or 5-pages of a mass produced template), the Trust Shop NFA Gun Trust is a completely comprehensive document (approximately 25 pages – depending on your state) that includes important language from the Gun Control Act and the National Firearms Act, as well detailed instructions on lawful possession of NFA items. It would be impossible for us to provide the necessary content without continually researching the law, and we certainly couldn’t make it happen in 4 or 5 pages. But, it doesn’t end there. After you submit your Gun Trust Information Form, all of your information gets reviewed by the Gun Trust lawyer. This step is vital if a legitimate Gun Trust is desired. Let me give you an example of why this is so important:

We Have A Problem!

Just the other day we were contacted by someone that needed us to fix their Gun Trust. They purchased the trust online (somewhere else) and then attached it to their Form 4 ATF Tax Stamp Application. Unfortunately, three months after submitting their application, they received notice from the ATF that the application had been rejected. Apparently, they were in a hurry when they were filling out their Gun Trust Information Form, which resulted in several mistakes. The biggest mistake was that they skipped the step of naming a Successor Trustee, so their trust document had “_______________” listed as the Successor Trustee, instead of a person. Let’s be real honest for a second; it’s not okay to be so careless when providing information that is going to be used in a legal document. But, that’s human nature and we all do stupid things like that on occasion. It sucks, but it is excusable. However, that same level of understanding does not apply to lawyers claiming to specialize in a Gun Trusts, and errors like that one are not “okay.” The fact that such an obvious issue went unnoticed by the company that produced the final document, was not a simple mistake… It was negligence. The ATF has repeatedly stated that all Gun trusts must list a Successor Trustee. What makes matters worse is that the trust cost $199 and these guys wanted an additional $100 before they would make any revisions to the trust.

When it takes the ATF 6-10 months to process an application.
You can’t afford to cut corners!

NFA PistolsEVERY Gun Trust Information Form we receive gets reviewed by one of the Gun Trust lawyers, to ensure there are no mistakes. We estimate that about 20% of the forms we receive have mistakes that must be corrected, in order to avoid rejection by the ATF when submitting a Form 1 or Form 4 Application. Usually it’s simple stuff like putting the name of the state in the field asking for the “County.” It used to be that about half of the forms we received had “USA” entered in the “County” field. In fact, it happened so often that we decided to put a friendly reminder next to the question that says, “Enter your County not your CountRy,” which nipped that one in the bud… well… mostly 🙂 Though the Trust Shop lawyers don’t have any way of knowing if you spelled your Co-Trustee’s names correctly (that part is up to you), they do know that your address isn’t Phoenix County, Phoenix, Arizona. We can mess with our Phoenix people because we got our start there. They know we are just using them as an example. And,… we know that they know they live in Maricopa County… we think…

Safeguards to prevent
unnecessary mistakes!

Of course, the Trust Shop is not infallible, but we are thorough and we have a lot of safeguards in place to prevent such obvious mistakes. When you fill out your Gun Trust Information Form you will notice that many of the fields are marked with a red asterisk, indicating that the information is required. Even if you try to leave a required field empty, you will get the door slammed in your face when you try to move onto the next question, in a loving way… of course. Additionally, most of the questions have a detailed explanation as to what information is required. And, for the really confusing ones, we have examples of acceptable answers. Then, once you have successfully navigated the Gun Trust Information Form, your information is delivered to a Gun Trust Lawyer for review. If something stinks, you are guaranteed to receive an email from the Trust Shop guys, asking you “what’s the deal?”. But, even if everything is groovy with your Gun Trust, you will likely need to make revisions at some point. When that time comes, just shoot us an email and we will review your information, once again. Then we will amend your Gun Trust completely free of charge… For Life!

When you use the Trust Shop, you can rest assured that you own a thoroughly researched, valid, and comprehensive, state-specific Gun Trust.

The most comprehensive Gun Trust package available!

You simply won’t find a better product anywhere! 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. We love what we do… and it shows! But don’t take our word for it… Check out some of the Reviews from other Customers.

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