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Because you are a Member of the Trust Shop
you have access to the following NFA Gun Trust Resources:

Fingerprint Cards

You and your Co-Trustees are required to send fingerprints to the ATF when you buy or build Silencers and SBRs.

Order Fingerprint Cards

ATF Form 1

The Form 1 Application is used when you want to manufacture an NFA Firearm.

Create an ATF Form 1

ATF Form 4

The Form 4 Application is used when you purchase an NFA Firearm.

Create an ATF Form 4

ATF Form 20

If you are planning on moving in the near future, the Form 20 is how you give your new address to the ATF. The Form 20 is also used to get permission from the ATF to take your NFA Firearms with you if you are going to be traveling outside of your state.

Create an ATF Form 20

ATF Form 23

When you submit a Form 1 or Form 4 Application to the ATF, you are required to include a Form 23 (Responsible Person Questionnaire) for every Responsible Person in your Gun Trust.

Create an ATF Form 23

Revise your Gun Trust

Create a Gun Trust Amendment when you want to revise your Gun Trust. You can use this form to add & remove Co-Trustees, add & remove Beneficiaries, or change your Successor (back-up) Trustee.

Create an Amendment

Add Property to your Trust

Creating an Assignment Form is how Trust Shop customers can easily add NFA Firearms & personal firearms to their Gun Trusts. You can also use the Assignment Form to ‘fund’ your trust with some cash ($1, $5, $10 Bill, etc.), if you haven’t already added other property to your trust

Create an Assignment Form

Document use of Personal Funds

Create a Memorandum of Contribution whenever you use your personal money (instead of Gun Trust money) to purchase Firearms.

Create a Memorandum

Send us your Signature Pages

If you purchased a laminated (or other hard-copy) edition of your Gun Trust and need to send us your signature pages, just click on the following button:

Upload your Signature Pages

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