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by Richard on NFA Gun Trust

5 Can's and 3 SBR's later and I am still impressed with the Trust Shop. I am so grateful my SOT suggested this vs that kiosk.

by Israel on NFA Gun Trust
NFA Gun Trust

We are very impressed with your all around professional service. Your quick response to ALL of our questions was simply outstanding. You’ve made the process of legally purchasing an NFA item so much easier for us. With your expert guidance and precise attention to detail, we are confident our application process with ATF will be a success.

Thank you!

by Tom V on NFA Gun Trust
The Best Ever

I wanted to set up a can trust that had the flexibility and the possibility of buying an NFA firearms down the road. It is basically like a revocable trust but gun specific. Some attorneys wanted to charge exorbitant fees anywhere from 300 to 1000. The beauty of this online as compared to others is: one they get back to you in an unbelievably short amount of time; and two: you can change Trustees add guns etc. easily and for no the extra cost. The forms are easy to follow and fill out. It is the best deal ever!

by Jerry on NFA Gun Trust
Truth & Trust W/ Trust Shop

After reviewing the TRUST SHOP and consulting with lawyers as well as exhaustive internet searching. I decided to go with the TRUST SHOP (big surprise right...) well after putting together the trust I was having problems with my payment. I put in my payment information and submitted it, but I clicked the back button before getting a confirmation. I figured my payment didn't go through, so I and entered my payment info again. I received a confirmation and thought all was well. The following morning I had an email from the TRUST SHOP that said I accidentally paid twice and they voided the extra charge. If that alone doesn’t show good business practices well.....

by Matt C. on NFA Gun Trust

These folks are just plain awesome! If you've been thinking about doing this for a while, just cough up the $49 and take the 10 minutes to do this. You will not regret it.

I don't think I've ever gotten a better value for a product that provides such peace of mind.

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