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by Jerry on NFA Gun Trust
Truth & Trust W/ Trust Shop

After reviewing the TRUST SHOP and consulting with lawyers as well as exhaustive internet searching. I decided to go with the TRUST SHOP (big surprise right...) well after putting together the trust I was having problems with my payment. I put in my payment information and submitted it, but I clicked the back button before getting a confirmation. I figured my payment didn't go through, so I and entered my payment info again. I received a confirmation and thought all was well. The following morning I had an email from the TRUST SHOP that said I accidentally paid twice and they voided the extra charge. If that alone doesn’t show good business practices well.....

by Joe on NFA Gun Trust
Legit Trust

These guys are legit, I didn't think this was legit but I said what the heck its only 49 dollars, I filled out their form 1 sent it out and 10 months later tax stamp in hand. These guys were quick to answer the emails and answered all my noob questions. Thanks the trust shop, I will recommend others.

by Rob on NFA Gun Trust

These guys came through in a professional and timely manner. I highly recommend the Trust Shop. I've got to be impressed before I can recommend a company but the Trust Shop is outstanding!

by jared hone on NFA Gun Trust

I would give these guys an 11 out of 10 if i could. lets just say Awesome, you cannot go wrong with these guys. After i found out how easy it was with them i told all my friends. i know at least 15 people that have had them do their trust. TOP NOTCH people. thanks again trust shop..

by Brian Miller on NFA Gun Trust
Form generators are incredible.

The gun store where I bought my suppressor told me how to fill out the application, but some of the things they told me didn't make any sense. I decided that it is better to be safe than sorry so I searched the web for info on how to fill out a suppressor application. Their are so many #@$%-ing websites saying different things that I got really nervous. Then I found a page about filling out suppressor applications on the trust shop. It just seemed to make so much more sense. These guys obviously know what they are talking about.

When I was reading about how to complete the suppressor application I saw that the trust shop has automatic suppressor forms, but its only for people that have there gun trusts from them. I already had a gun trust from my local lawyer, but I went ahead and got a new one from here, just so I could use the automatic forms. But when i got the new trust it was so much better than the one i paid almost $1000 for. And the automatic forms really are incredible.

You guys really make suppressor applications easy. Thanks for providing such great products!

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