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When you get your Gun Trust from the Trust Shop you can create any of the following trust documents for free, whenever you need them. Just click on the name of the document you want to create and you will be taken to the information form for that document.

Revise your Gun Trust

The Gun Trust Amendment generator allows you to easily revise your Gun Trust. You can use this form to add & remove Co-Trustees, add & remove Beneficiaries, and change your Successor Trustee.

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Assignment Sheet

The Assignment Sheet Generator is how Trust Shop customers can easily add NFA Firearms to their Gun Trusts.

Create an Assignment Sheet

Memorandum of Contribution

The Memorandum of Contribution is filled out any time you used your personal money (instead of Gun Trust money) to purchase an NFA Firearm.

Create a Memorandum

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 59 reviews
by Israel on NFA Gun Trust
NFA Gun Trust

We are very impressed with your all around professional service. Your quick response to ALL of our questions was simply outstanding. You’ve made the process of legally purchasing an NFA item so much easier for us. With your expert guidance and precise attention to detail, we are confident our application process with ATF will be a success.

Thank you!

by Jerry on NFA Gun Trust
Truth & Trust W/ Trust Shop

After reviewing the TRUST SHOP and consulting with lawyers as well as exhaustive internet searching. I decided to go with the TRUST SHOP (big surprise right...) well after putting together the trust I was having problems with my payment. I put in my payment information and submitted it, but I clicked the back button before getting a confirmation. I figured my payment didn't go through, so I and entered my payment info again. I received a confirmation and thought all was well. The following morning I had an email from the TRUST SHOP that said I accidentally paid twice and they voided the extra charge. If that alone doesn’t show good business practices well.....

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