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What’s inside the
$49 Trust Shop NFA Gun Trust Package?

Everything you will ever need!

Buying SilencersNot just a comprehensive State-Specific Gun Trust, but everything you will ever need to make it through the entire Tax Stamp Application process. The Trust Shop explains what you need to do, tells you how to do it, helps you get it done, and reviews everything to make sure it’s all done right. But it doesn’t stop there…

Buying Suppressors

The Trust Shop stays with you for life!

Most online Gun Trusts don’t include anything more than the trust. But, when you get your Gun Trust at the Trust Shop, you get all of these additional benefits: Unlimited Gun Trust revisions, Unlimited Gun Trust lawyer support, detailed instructions, Total access to our Automated ATF Form System, NFA Firearms law resources, Updates on changing laws, and Informative Articles on NFA topics. And, you get all of these additional benefits Free for Life!

Are you ready to Create your new Gun Trust?

Creating your Gun Trust is easy when you use the Trust Shop. We have an easy to follow form that guides you through the entire process. Instead of being full of confusing legal terms, the Trust Shop Gun Trust form is loaded with detailed examples & explanations. By the time you are done entering your information, you will feel completely confident that you are getting a fully customized State-Specific Gun Trust, tailored to meet your exact situation. If you are looking for a fill-in-the-blank form that never gets reviewed by anyone, you’ve come to the wrong place! At the Trust Shop, every Gun Trust information form goes through a comprehensive audit by the Trust Shop lawyers before it is finalized.

So, what are you waiting for?
Before you know it, you’ll be at the range with your new suppressor, SBR, or machine gun!

Only $49 – Get your Gun Trust Now

Free Revisions for Life

NFA Gun Trust for Machine GunWe get a ton of questions from people wanting to know how much we will charge them to revise their Gun Trust. The first thing we ask them is “why not have the Amendment created by the same company that created your Gun Trust?” Without fail, the answer is 1 of 2 things: “I’ve been trying to contact them, but they won’t return my call” or (and almost as common) “They want to charge me $150 (or more) to create an Amendment.”

NFA Gun Trust for Machine Guns

The Trust Shop understands that “life happens”

At some point during the life of your Gun Trust, you’re going to want to add or remove a Co-Trustee or Beneficiary. Or, you might decide to change the Successor Trustee (person that takes over if something happens to you), or decide to add a back-up Successor Trustee. You are definitely going to want to add additional Firearms to your collection at some time in the future. And, because we understand that these changes are more likely to occur than not, your new Gun Trust comes with Free Revisions for life.

Free Revisions for Life

NFA Gun Trust for SilencerThe Trust Shop will revise your Gun Trust as many times as you want, without any limits, qualifications, or exceptions. Just read some of the Customer Reviews from people thanking us for putting up with all of the changes they’ve asked us to make. We even have one customer that has revised his Gun Trust more than 20 times. Every few weeks he gets really mad at his family members and asks us to remove them from his trust. But soon all is forgiven, and he wants us to add his family back to his trust.

NFA Gun Trust for Silencers

While we don’t necessarily advise making 20+ revisions to a trust… If you want your trust revised, we will take care of it. And, we will make the revisions just as quickly the 20th time, as we did the 1st time. No questions asked.

The Trust Shop is thinking about the Future!

Other Gun Trust companies don’t offer these services, or they charge you a small fortune to make the changes. But, when you get the $49 Gun Trust Package from the Trust Shop, you get all of these features Free for Life!

Detailed Instructions & Explanations

In addition to giving you all of the resources you need to navigate the Tax Stamp process, we also explain what it all means. It’s true that you could buy a Gun Trust, fill out a form 4, and get your approved Tax Stamp without ever understanding a thing about what is going on, but at the Trust Shop we believe it is important for you to understand.

We believe you need to know
exactly what is going on

By the time you’re ready to submit your 1st ATF Application, you will understand:

How to keep your NFA Firearm Information Private
What you need to do to keep your family & your NFA Firearms out of Probate Court when you die
What you need to do to get approved to manufacture NFA Firearms
What a Gun Trust really is… Ever notice how your friends say you need to get a Gun Trust, but they can’t really explain what it is, or why you need it?
How to Maintain your Gun Trust
How to Add NFA Firearms to your Gun Trust
How to Revise your Gun Trust
How to fill out confusing ATF forms
How & Why to keep your Gun Trust Money Separate from your personal money
How to Share NFA Firearms with your family and friends
When & How to Notify the ATF about address changes
When to get permission from the ATF to Transport NFA Firearms into another state
The best way to purchase Machine Guns

Additionally, your new Gun Trust comes with detailed directions that explain everything you need to do next, including a comprehensive guide on buying & building Silencers, SBRs, & other NFA Firearms. You’ll also get unlimited access to all of our NFA Gun Trust Articles and the Gun Trust lawyer’s Answers to FAQ’s. And, every time we publish a new Article explaining a specific aspect of NFA Firearm ownership, you’ll be one of the 1st people to receive a copy.

ATF Application Form System

What happens when a herd of lawyers
(that haven’t ever fired a gun)
write the directions for the new ATF Applications?

In the summer of 2017, the ATF rolled out their new Form 1 & 4 Applications, and we were immediately swamped with questions. The directions on the Forms were bad to begin with, but the new directions were so much worse that we even had trouble with some of them. That’s when we started working with the ATF NFA Branch to create Application Instructions that actually make sense. After lots of hard work, in the fall of 2017 we rolled out the Trust Shop Automated ATF Form System..

NFA Gun Trust for Short Barreled RifleNow, instead of trying to decipher the crazy ATF Application directions on your own, Trust Shop customers get to use our ATF Form Generators. The end result is the exact same ATF Application, but the process of creating the Applications is much, much easier and makes so much more sense.

By January 31, 2018, our customers had created more than 1000 Form 1, 4, 20, & 23 Applications using the Automated Form Generators. By January of 2020, we hit our 10,000th ATF Application. Our easy to use process is definitely a Trust Shop customer favorite. But don’t take our word for it. Read some of our Customer Testimonials here.

If you want to know more, click here to learn more about the Trust Shop ATF Form System.

Unlimited Gun Trust Support

The Trust Shop is here to help. All of the Trust Shop lawyers are licensed to practice in the Federal Courts, and we deal exclusively with federal firearms laws. We know the National Firearms Act inside out and we are here to answer your questions.

When you get your Gun Trust from the Trust Shop, you get total access to our years of experience in dealing with NFA Firearms and the ATF. That means all of your questions get answered… And, they get answered correctly. It also means that your ATF Applications will be approved, your property will be protected, and you can rest easy knowing that you are complying with the law.

What sets the Trust Shop apart from the Competition?

You already know what you get when you use the Trust Shop. But, can’t you get the exact same thing from other Gun Trust providers? This is what you get from the other guys. Check it out and make up your own mind:

Higher cost – the competition charges anywhere between $100 & $1000
Generic fill-in-the-blank trust
Documents that are not specific to your State
Additional charges for revisions
Limits on number of Co-Trustees
Different levels of Gun Trusts, that are nothing more than a marketing trick
No assistance with Form 1 & Form 4 Applications
Gun Trust is never reviewed by anyone
No ATF Form Generators
Additional charges to review ATF Applications
Limited, or no customer support
Additional charges for ‘Rush Delivery’
Trust language that is not 41F Compliant
Invalid Claims that Gun Trusts are ‘Perpetual’ even in states with statutory time limits
Use of a Schedule A for trust property instead of an ‘Assignment Sheet”
Inaccurate claims that Trustees can avoid the Responsible Person process

Sadly, we can go on and on with the list of things you get from other Gun Trust providers. Just visit their websites and see for yourself. Additional charges are hidden everywhere… Documents are generic… And, Revisions are impossible, inaccurate, or expensive!

But, when you use the Trust Shop, you get everything you’ll ever need

NFA Gun Trust

100% Completely ATF & 41F Compliant
Guaranteed to be accepted by the ATF – Never Denied & Never Delayed
Drafted to comply with the laws of your individual state
Tailored to meet the needs of NFA Firearms owners
Designed to be used for every ATF Application you will ever submit
Unlimited number of Co-Trustees and Beneficiaries
Eliminates the Probate Court process for all property in your Gun Trust!

Detailed Directions

You will never feel overwhelmed by the Tax Stamp process again
Explains exactly what you should do next
Gives you a comprehensive understanding of the entire Tax Stamp process (from purchasing a Silencer to submitting your paperwork to the ATF)
Straight forward Step-by-Step instructions on the ATF Tax Stamp process

Automated ATF Form Generators

Form 1 & 4 Applications made easy
Each form contains the all Responsible Person Info
Bar Code Formatted – Speeds up the Application process & Eliminates delays
Super Simplified instructions guide you through the confusing ATF Forms
Each Automated Form includes a Form 23 for the Trustee
Additional Automated Form 23 Generator for all of your Co-Trustees
All you have to do is Print, Sign, Date, & Mail

ATF eForms Support

Free file compression to meet ATF e-filing guidelines
How-To guide on using the ATF eForms system to file your Form 1 Application

Responsible Persons Resources

Thorough explanation about Who is a considered a Responsible Person
Detailed instructions about the Responsible Person Requirements
Automated Form 23 Generator with easy to follow instructions
We’ll even create your Fingerprint Cards for you

Unlimited Gun Trust Lawyer Support

When you have Questions, the Trust Shop is here for you
One-on-one help anytime you need it
5 days, 5 months, or 5 years… It doesn’t matter how far down the road… You get free & unlimited support for Life!

Free Revisions for Life

You can Revise your Gun Trust as Many times as you want
Add or Remove Co-Trustees any time you like
Update your Beneficiaries at any time
Add personal and NFA firearms to your Gun Trust with ease. You have unlimited access to the Assignment Form (Gun Trust property page) System

Updates on Firearms Laws

Notifications on ATF Rule changes
Alerts on anti 2nd Amendment Legislation
Articles explaining firearms related court cases
Access to the National Firearms Act, Gun Control Act, & Firearm Owners’ Protection Act

Additional Valuable NFA Resources

FAQ’s Page for valuable information based on our customer’s most commonly asked questions
Detailed articles on relevant NFA topics
Links to important ATF pages & 3rd Party resources

All of this for one low price!

No hidden costs of any kind!
No membership fees
$49 is all you will ever need to pay!

The most comprehensive Gun Trust package available!

You simply won’t find a better product anywhere! 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. We love what we do… and it shows! But don’t take our word for it… Check out some of the Reviews from other Customers.

Only $49 – Get your Gun Trust Now